Dear Researchers,

We would like to invite you to the 10th International Conference on Security for Information Technology and Communications – SECITC’17 which will take place on 08–09 June 2017, in Bucharest, Romania.

Since nine years SECITC brings together computer security researchers, cryptographers, industry representatives and graduate students. We solicit previously unpublished research articles in any aspect of security and cryptography. Papers must present advances in the theory, design, implementation, analysis, verification, or evaluation of secure systems and algorithms. One of SECITC’s primary goals is to mix researchers belonging to different communities and provide a forum allowing the informal exchanges necessary for the emergence of new scientific collaborations. The conference is very conveniently located in Bucharest to which direct flights exist from most capitals. Paper submission and refereeing will take place via Easychair and proceedings will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

The best papers that are rejected by Springer’s LNCS, might be included in the proceeding journal, if they are accepted by the reviewers and the authors manifest their agreement.

One originality of SECITC is its Exploits Session. In this session, new exploit authors will be invited to explain how exploits were discovered and submit a formal research paper describing their discoveries. While the discovery of new exploits is a high-risk high-gain investment that requires creativity and tenacious work, exploits are usually difficult to publish in mainstream research conferences. Exploit paper acceptance criteria will be the exploit’s nature, novelty and impact.

The conference’s typical target topics are:

Access control
Algorithmic tools for security and cryptography
All aspects of cryptography
Application security
Attacks and defenses
Censorship and censorship-resistance
Cloud Security
Distributed systems security
Embedded systems security
Hardware security
Information flow analysis
Internet of Things – IoT
Intrusion detection
Language-based security
Mobile security and privacy
Network security
New exploits
Policy enforcements
Privacy and anonymity
Protocol security
Reverse-engineering and code obfuscation
Security architectures
Security aspects of alternative currencies
Side channel attacks
Surveillance and anti-surveillance
System security


Sincerely yours,

SECITC Conference Committee